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How did we Begin ?

Jobscene started out with a few people who have beenin  the Recruitment Industry and have seen the dispair of so many Jobseekers and unable to assist them all, but having the passion to try and want to

We got together and worked on different ideas for a Job website - knowing that there are so many around - and we started out with a site that really was not offering everything we wanted it to, but just recently we have changed that site and are now running Jobscene as you see here, and we still have plenty of work to do but our vision is to expand and link to as many other Job Boards as possible to get the site where we want it.


Jobscene is currently offering a free trial to Recruiters/Employers in order to see the functionality Jobscene has to offer.  The trial period will be for all new Recruiters/Employers who would like to try the site for a period which will be set after Jobscene has shown it's full growth potential. 
Once Recruiters/Employers decide to join Jobscene they will pay a minimum fee monthly for advertising with us - with different packages on offer and no contracts needed.

The Jobseeker will have a Free offer of registering on the site and applying for positions for an unlimited time.  Should Jobseekers wish to display their Resume as featured to stand out from the rest they will be able to do so at a small monthly fee, also with no contracts required.  Due to many jobseekers being in a position where they do not have current employment this fee has been set really low and will remain that way.

We hope that Jobscene will offer you all the benefits you are looking for in a Job site on either side of the Recruiters/Employers and Jobseekers and we thank you for your loyal support !